“Oh,OK then,Then I continue to shut up。”


Qin Liang wanted Yang Shiyun to be too lazy to talk to himself at this moment,So I got off the donkey right away。
Habit is second nature,Qin Liang, invincible and invincible on the battlefield,In Shen’s house, the aunts, big and small, had already been cleaned up and had no temper at all.,Have no idea!A group of existences that cannot be scolded, cannot be beaten, cannot escape, cannot escape,What can he do。
“correct,During Xiaoxue’s treatment,,Are there any taboos in her life?”
This moment,It’s the kind-hearted and soft-hearted Chen Hao who changed the subject to rescue Qin Liang!She asked Yang Shiyun with a serious look。
“I forgot to ask about this……”
Yang Shiyun’s awkward answer。
“Treat mental illnesses,There should be nothing to avoid in life, right??”
Murong Shan also followed up with a surprised question。
Everyone, look at me,I see you,Those who looked at each other stopped talking,This is a question no one understands,So no one knows what to say。
“I don’t think it should be spicy,Because everyone knows:If you eat too much spicy, you will have a bad temper!”
Qin Liang tentatively said something。
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