Huamei plastic experts talk about liposuction surgery



Huamei plastic experts talk about liposuction surgery

Liposuction and weight loss, one of the six major medical beauty projects, due to its obvious effect on weight loss and body sculpting, does not rebound, has been widely accepted.

But is liposuction really so amazing?

Are there any impurities?

What problems do you need to pay attention to during surgery?

On these issues, the reporter visited the relevant experts of the Huamei Plastic Surgery Hospital.

銆€銆€Appearance expert profile: Yang Yong, travel expert China’s first man-made beauty Hao Hao upgraded to replace the plastic surgery liposuction weight loss knife doctor, in 2006, for Iraqi women – Iv Tikar a successful weight loss 20 kg, refreshing liposuction weight loss historyFor more than 10 years in military plastic surgery, he studied under the master of world-class plastic surgery, Professor Kou Hongxing, Professor Zhuang Hongxing. In 2004, he visited China as a visiting scholar in China, participated in the 14th Plastic Surgery Conference of China and Japan, and published a paper entitled “China, Japan and Korea”.”Fine” plastic surgery development analysis, known for fine, minimally invasive surgery skills, has been praised by the majority of beauty lovers as “masters of physical art.”

銆€銆€Good at: hydrodynamic liposuction weight loss, comprehensive breast, rhinoplasty, heavy sputum surgery, eye bags, facial wrinkles and other repair operations.


What is the best time for liposuction to be performed, and why?

銆€銆€Expert: Liposuction surgery is generally best done in spring and autumn.

In summer, there are few clothes to wear, and many women are worried about their body shape at this time. In order to wear a beautiful figure, many women choose to do liposuction surgery at this time.

However, because liposuction surgery is trying to wear a shapeable garment for one month and at the same time it is necessary to tie a bandage for one month, this brings a lot of inconvenience to the summer outing, so it is not very suitable for this operation now.


Is liposuction suitable for those people?

Can those people not do liposuction?

What preparations do you need before surgery?

銆€銆€Experts: Generally speaking, liposuction surgery is suitable for people aged 18-55 years old, with good health and no serious diseases such as cardiovascular disease, liver disease and infectious diseases.

The plastic surgery hospital at the distance will perform detailed physical examinations before surgery.

A few days before the operation, adequately ensure adequate sleep, do not smoke or drink, adjust mood, not too nervous.

銆€銆€Of course, there are no strict restrictions on age. Those who are over 55 years old can still undergo liposuction if they have undergone a rigorous physical examination and are in good health. However, they must have strict supervision during the operation.

銆€銆€For adolescents, we do not advocate the use of liposuction to lose weight, the physical development of adolescents can not be resolved, if blind liposuction, it is easy to rebound, it will destroy the body’s growth cycle, endangering health.

At the same time, young people do not need liposuction. Many people will naturally become slim after adolescence.

銆€銆€For patients with severe hypertension, liposuction surgery should be carried out in stages to avoid the loss of excessive body fluids at one time, resulting in serious consequences such as shock.


What is the general procedure for liposuction?

銆€銆€Experts: First of all, in the local injection of anesthetic to be locally shaped, there will be no pain during the operation after local anesthesia; then a special layer of inflation fluid is injected into the surgical site, which is mainly used for anti-inflammatory and hemostasis.Then the caliber is 0.


Insert a 3 mm needle into the temporary layer, insert it, and finally remove the needle bandage.

The surgery is over.


How long can I return to normal life after surgery?

Will you stay?

Should you pay attention to some problems when intervening in personal care?

銆€銆€Expert: Because the infusion of anti-inflammatory and hemostasis is injected before the operation, the liquid will seep out from the needle after the operation, so the dressing dressing needs to be carried out the next day, and the daily life can be restored in 3-4 days.

Patients with small surgical sites do not need to be hospitalized, but patients with longer surgical sites, such as patients with drugs injected into the vein during surgery such as lumbar abdominal liposuction, need to be hospitalized.

Because the surgery is not an operation, but only with a needle tube, the diameter of the needle tube is extremely small, so no scars are left.

銆€銆€One month after the operation, the swelling can be eliminated, and the effect of the operation can be seen. After 1-3 months, normal sports activities can be participated.

銆€銆€5. Will it rebound after surgery?
Are there any considerations to avoid a rebound?

銆€銆€Experts: It can be said that liposuction is an effective method of weight loss. In principle, it will not rebound after surgery.

However, many people who have just finished surgery, relax their vigilance and overeating, will naturally cause new aunts to accumulate.

Therefore, in order to maintain body shape after liposuction, a reasonable and scientific way of eating and exercise should be maintained.


What is the replacement of liposuction for the human body?

There have been reports that someone died during liposuction. What is the main cause of this problem?

銆€銆€Expert: Liposuction surgery is safer.

When many people hear “surgery”, they will think of cutting the knife and bloody scenes. This is not the case. As I said earlier, liposuction is only inserted with a needle with a small diameter.

Due to the unexpected situation in the operation, the maximum possibility is that the patient’s own health is not good, and the hospital concealed medical history.


Liposuction surgery is mainly for those parts of the body?

Which part of the surgery works best?

銆€銆€Expert: There are mainly hip waist, upper and lower abdomen, thigh, chest, arm, shoulder, etc., the effect is more obvious.

But the effect on the calf and chin is not very obvious.

In fact, liposuction should be expressed as liposuction.

When many people consult, they care about how many pounds they can lose after surgery, but the surgery is all sputum, and the proportion of sputum is relatively small, unfortunately a large and small thing.

The more obvious effect after liposuction is that the body lines become beautiful, instead of the weight loss drastically reduced a lot.


How much does it cost for liposuction?

What is the difference in the cost of liposuction in different parts?

銆€銆€The cost of surgery will depend on the size of the surgery and the size of the surgery.

Different patients cost differently, but generally it is about a few thousand to 10,000.