There are blue currents from time to time from the blackened instant fire in front of me,Various movements are very stiff,Obviously entered a paralyzed state。


“Isn’t it dead?.”
Kozakura looked at the blackened instant fire with an unbelievable expression。
“Sakura,Take advantage of it now!”
Sasuke, who has run out of chakras, urged Sakura。
“Ok。”Sakura nodded,Untie the seal on your forehead,The curse mark appeared on her face,“The attack of that level didn’t kill you,It seems that I must also show my true strength!”
Sakura clenches fist,Take a deep breath and build up,Finally step on the ground,Leaving a deep footprint and rushing towards the blackened instant fire。
The golden aura on the body of Bo Heihua suddenly strengthened again,Completely eliminated the paralysis on my body,Entered the mode of Super Saiyan II。
The blackened body muscles quickly expand,Whether it’s speed or power,Are much stronger than the Super Saiyan One mode,But as a price,Maintaining this state consumes a lot of energy,So this state is not suitable for protracted war。
“Turtle Qigong!”
The blackened instant fire stretched out his right hand to Sakura who charged towards him,No charge,A blue beam,Believe in Sasuke’s ninjutsu,Sakura, who wants to defeat the black instantaneous fire, did not consider dodge at all,therefore,Facing the sudden counterattack of the blackened instantaneous fire,She can only eat hard。
The blue beam passed through Sakura’s chest,Sakura’s body lay down at the feet of the blackened instant fire。
Looking at Sasuke who was calling Sakura’s name in front of him,The blackened instant fire kicked the life-and-death Sakura towards Sasuke。
Sasuke holding Sakura’s body immediately opened the space channel。
Konoha Village。
Konoha Hospital。
“Sasuke!what is the problem?”