Talissa suppressed her anger,I looked at the frenetic atmosphere at the scene,I looked at the powerful and dignitaries around me,Suddenly understood。


Suramar, who has been closed for ten thousand years, is inferior and proud,They long for a game“National pride”Grand performance。
No wonder the great magister Eli Sandro has not shown up yet,Talissa understands,I stand on the opposite side of everyone on the scene。
This delay,Talissa lost the opportunity to rely on identity mediation,I only heard Carlos yelling out of the game。
“Give me a weapon,Weapons that can chop people!”
then,The atmosphere is extremely warm。
Where is the makeup martial arts club,This is clearly an arena。
First666chapter 《Quail breeding skills》
Talitha can recognize Suramar’s most powerful and powerful,It’s because they wear the family crest in the most conspicuous position on their bodies without any cover,But for others,This makeup martial arts party concealed too many people。
With the most malicious speculation,The Chief Arcanist will not allow an honorary murder。
Talissa’s insight is not bad,I discovered that Carlos’s saber is for decoration,More than gorgeous,Nothing more,So he asked the audience to provide him with weapons。