His pride does not allow him to stand still and watch Xu Xuan perform alone!


He is a star!
He was last year’s all starMVP!
And Xu Xuan is just a rookie.
James and Love walked away silently after seeing Owen’s gesture,Irving is going to perform!
Continuous crotch dribble,Irving’s rhythm changed,Suddenly accelerate towards Xu Xuan’s right hand!
Xu Xuan fought against the past,His speed is not slow,But Irving is obviously faster!
When Xu Xuan pounced,,Owen has pressed his shoulder,Xu Xuan quickly took a step back,Turn around and chase!
Irving’s speed is at the extreme,Owen jumped up,Layup!
A very confident goal!
Xu Xuan’s efforts to interfere with little effect,But Jason·Smith suddenly took off Owen’s layup.!
After landing Jason·Smith roared fiercely,Express emotions。
He was also frustrated in this game,The front is infinitely used as the background board by Irving and James!
Ball out of bounds,Counterattack!
Xu Xuan ecstatic,Just want to run back!
Suddenly kill a person at an oblique angle!
It’s James!
James, who had finished the whole game, suddenly came from the weak side。
Pick up the ball,Take off,All the Knicks caught off guard!——“Bang!”