Guan Hao said:“I don’t want to go back to Jinan,too late,Let’s go to the army apartment。”


Tao Li nodded。
He didn’t let Guan Hao drive,But drive your own2000Came to Guan Hao’s apartment in the chief of a certain air force unit in Ducheng,Don’t want him to open the car door,When ready to get off,Guan Hao said suddenly:“Old master,I don’t want to spend the night here,Let’s go to your house?”
When Guan Hao looks through the car window,When I am used to looking up at the lights upstairs,His heart felt uncomfortable again,Like being pulled by someone,He subconsciously covered his chest with his hands,Don’t want to go in。
Since Xia Jihan left,Here,He has been here once,He was afraid to see that piano,I’m afraid to think of the person playing the piano。
Tao Li heard what he said,Closed the door again,Turn around and drive out of the army compound,Drove to my home in Ducheng。
But at the gate of the community,Guan Hao changed his mind again,The familiar garage,Familiar parking lot,It awakened his memories strongly,He is in love with the scene,Keep waving,Said:“go,go,Can’t come here,Let’s go back to the hotel。”
Tao Li didn’t ask much,Drove back to the Ducheng Hotel,They opened a room,Guan Hao feels terribly uncomfortable,Fell on the bed,Said:“Old master,Am i going to die。”I closed my eyes after speaking。
Tao Li counted the number of pulse beats for him,Said:“Let’s go to the hospital?”
Guan Hao shook his head,Said:“I want to go back to Beijing。”Get out of bed,About to leave。
Tao Li stopped him,Said:“Tell me the truth,Are you offended again?”
Guan Hao frowned,He clutched his chest and said:“Old master,Tell you the truth,I have nothing to worry about except work,Is suddenly uncomfortable。I suspect there is a problem with the wine tonight。”
“Can’t you go on like this?”Tao Li didn’t think it was a problem with wine at all。
“What can I do?”He raised his eyebrows on purpose,Just go out。