Peng Changyi turned around,Said:“Do you still know what Fengchantian is?”


Song Zhihou said:“See what you say,Although I grew up in a city,Don’t forget that I studied agriculture。”
Peng Changyi said:“correct,I keep wondering about this problem,Why did you choose agriculture?”
Song Zhihou said:“My college entrance examination score was very embarrassing,Out of reach,Don’t want to,I had to choose a well-known agricultural college,How can it be better than those low-level engineering schools?,Isn’t it true that the society does not watch the content at school??”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Ha ha,It seems that your speculation was right,Engage in grassroots work,It’s not good if you don’t understand agriculture, rural areas and farmers。”
Song Zhihou said:“If I can go to a good engineering school,Then I might be able to become Watt、Bill Gates character。”
“Haha。”Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Why be a character like them,They are rare species,We only know them,They don’t know us。Better to be a grassroots cadre,Deal with ordinary people,Deal with the land,Live more real。”
Song Zhihou discovered that Peng Changyi carried the people to“on”the height of,Rather than the usual officialdom“on”Refers to the meaning of superior。
Song Zhihou saw the secretary of the municipal party committee silent all the way,Finally spoke,Dare to ask:“Secretary Peng,Do we have any specific work content when we go to Niuguantun??”
Peng Changyi said:“you still need to ask,Going to the countryside is a concrete job,In addition, Niuguantun is a special case in the city’s creation activities.,Secretary Shu Bao this village,She asked for leave today,Let’s come and have a look,See if you can help?”
“I saw Secretary Su coming in the morning。”Song Zhihou said。
Peng Changyi didn’t say a word,He thought of the call that Zhu Guoqing chased over again。
Song Zhihou saw that the secretary of the municipal party committee didn’t answer him,Said again:“The Ministry of Agriculture and Industry also covers this village,I’ll call the minister,See if he is in the village。”
Song Zhihou did this,This is the normal work content of a secretary,But was stopped by Peng Changyi,He said:“stop fighting,It’s not the same time in this village。”