Wang Jiadong said seriously:“Just because of that,I oppose you to sue him!”


Gu Zhuo looked at him,The familiar sense of majesty appeared on Wang Jiadong’s face again。She nodded to him,Also solemnly assured:“it is good,Xiaozhuo listen to you,Not to report,Never mention it。”
First3chapter Love each other after the storm
This night,Wang Jiadong and Gu Zhuo talked a lot、a lot of,Talked about the past,Talking about the beauty of Gu Zhuo when he was young,Gu Zhuo leaned silently on Wang Jiadong’s shoulder,Murmured:“now,In this world,Few people probably remember me Gu Zhuo,I’m afraid only Minister, you not only took me in,Remember how I was when I was young……”
Speaking of which,Gu Zhuo’s eye circles are red again。
Wang Jiadong says:“Xiao Zhuo,You should know the character of Minister,Who doesn’t remember you,I want to remember you,because,When you are most beautiful,Gave the minister the most beautiful joy,I will cherish this friendship forever,Don’t talk about your righteous deeds to my son……”
Gu Zhuo listened to him,Immediately interrupted him,Said:“Don’t you say that,I regret not listening to your warning。I know Madoka……Ugh,I just wanted to blindly satisfy him and help him,did not expect……minister,Xiaozhuo asks you a word,On the question of Madoka,Do you blame me?”
Wang Jiadong says:“It’s not right to say no complaint,But the responsibility is entirely on him,All right,Don’t say this,If everyone knew that he could pee on the kang,I’ve been sleeping in a sieve since I was young,We don’t have to regret the past,life,The cheapest is regret,We will never talk about the past,We only talk about the present,Alright?”
Gu Zhuo smiled,Said:“it is good。”
Gu Zhuo’s eyes fell on a piece of paper pasted on the wall,Above is the poem by the Polish poet Milvol who Wang Jiadong likes, copied by her hand《gift》,She silently shook Wang Jiadong’s hand,Said:“minister,I also want to recite a poem to you。”
Wang Jiadong heard that she wanted to recite poems,Of course happy,It means she has completely recovered her memory,Just said:“it is good,I have never heard you recite a poem?Whose poem is?”
Gu Zhuo smiled,Said:“It seems to be written by a poet named Yeats in Ireland。”
Wang Jiadong looked at her in surprise,Said:“Oh?That’s great,I like poetry now。”
Gu Zhuo calmed himself down,Mumblingly recite: