Diantun also said that I would like to shout. I have to be lucky enough to kill you ten times before you rush into it.?


First2205chapter I am the culprit.
Do you believe??
Do not believe?
The face of the brother’s face is very。
He now has repented it.。
Earlier,You should not bring this pair of men and women to the front。
But let the bodyguard shot directly to shoot them.!
The abilities are powerful,But it is only a separate individual strength.。
500 bodyguards in your own manor,It is one person to drown him.。
But now I am late.。
Special examination almost bite steel teeth。
He is very clear,More than 10 bodyguards lying on the ground,If the http://www.sxdfzj.cn other party is,He will only die faster。
Strong pressure,Cold cold looking at summer,“What do you want to talk??”
“I have said before。”
Summer winds and clouds,“In addition to the accounts,There is another thing that wants to ask you.。”
“what’s up。”
Summer road,“September 5 before two years ago,where are you?”
This sentence,The special check hasn’t been there.,The money next to the money is suddenly nervous.。
Two eyes are dead and stare at the present,The eyes of the eyes flashed the heart of the mind。
The special check is not intentional.。
First,And then shake his head,Ambient,“Can not remember,So long,How can I remember clearly?。”
“Do nothing,I can give you a prompt.。”
Summer laughs,Also,“If it is a very small thing,If you don’t remember anyone,Can be an impressive thing,There will definitely have an image。”
He looks straight into the special check,Ask,“Two years ago,You have been to Xia Yili,Moreover,Remember the months??”
I heard this sentence,Bounce。
And at this time,A middle-aged beautiful woman standing next to it is suddenly opening,“I think of it.,Indeed in this way,That is the end of August 20 years ago.,Summer, Zhuyiwei……”
Merely,She looked at an eye,Different in the eyes,“August 15, two years ago,I am married to the special check,We left Brunei on August 24,On August 25, I arrived in Xiayiwei.,Brunei。”
“Right,This is the case。”
The special check also recalls,“Alice wants to travel,I am embarrassed.,So I went to Xia Yiwei with her.,After that, I went to New York.,Paris,Orlando,Finally, I went to Las Vegas.,Originally, we are also preparing to go to the East China Sea of Huaxia.,But I finally didn’t achieve it.,Go directly to Brunei。”
Finish,He looks straight to the summer,“What do you ask?。”
Summer did not answer。
Instead, I look at Qian Niu Niu in a complex look.。
Qiu Niu’s mood has changed significantly.。
She can’t help but repulsive,“Since you are in the field,So http://www.mtxwifi.cn night, night, night, night,Who is using your car and a team?”
Preview, etc.。
They are the first time to seriously lose money Niu Niu。