In addition, will definitely want further quotations,Just the first round of revenue,Shen Huan and Chu Liuxiang can reach2Over 100 million。


Such a profitable business,Wouldn’t they do?
Xin Changkong feels unrealistic。
But now Shen Huan shook his head,“《Huan Zhu Ge Ge》Teacher Chu will only write the first part。Even if there is a second one,It won’t be written by him。”
“Why?”Xin Changkong’s eyes widened。
“Because the first one is enough,The rest are sable。”Shen Huan’s confession,“Don’t you think you’re done?”
Xin Changkong wanted to say,Let him make up,He can compile dozens of good content。
No need to make up,Just follow the previous context,Not too bad。
But instead,Teacher Chu is a super first-class writer,Impossible to think of,He can’t think of。
Mostly what Teacher Lu said now,Teacher Chu felt there was no way to surpass,If just imitating repetition,Might as well not write。
Look at Mr. Chu,Really a pure person!
Billions of profits in front of him,Neither fart!
Of course,It was the same before,The hundreds of millions that Mr. Chu earned,Almost all donated,This kind of people,It’s really worthy of respect!
Seeing Xin Changkong stopped talking,Shen Huan said:“Go back and rest for about half a month,I asked Teacher Chu to organize the book,Just let you come。Is there a problem?”