Three days after she came,Zhang Xiaojiang came to invite her to a meeting in person。


“Would you like to see Wen Keren?”Zhang Xiaojiang asked。
Baby Ou is surprised,“Shouldn’t she be released?”
“Because of Hua Xiangwan,We found something。Wen Keren is the child of her adoptive cousin,Before being kidnapped, Hua Xiangwan’s biological mother,Once called Wen’s house,Confirm whether Hua Xiangwan is at home。Wen Keren answered the phone。Although not quite sure what she said,But Hua Xiao believed the kidnappers’ words,Has a direct relationship with her。We are investigating the case,Continue to detain her。”
“.”This drama,Seems familiar。It seems that the call for help was delayed before.correct,Pei Huan is with the He family now,Life is good,I don’t know after he graduated,Would you like to come to work in Daou?.Baby Ou is still very optimistic about him。
but,Hua Xiao’s phone,Not for help,But a simple question。Wen Keren was not old, right??What can you say?wrong,“Hua Xiangwan was going to leave then?How was he taken out of Wen’s house and kidnapped??”
Zhang Xiaojiang didn’t hide it either,“Is a nanny。The criminal kidnapped the nanny’s family。later,All dead。All was not spared。”
Chapter six hundred and twenty the truth
Baby Ou nodded,I don’t want to ask any more,“I can see Wen Keren。”but,“I and her are completely strange,I see her,Will it work??”
Zhang Xiaojiang thought for a while,“if it is possible,I hope I can keep you here forever,Don’t let you go out as bait。and so,I hope to learn from your contact with Wen Keren,Find the clue。”
Speaking of this clue,Baby Ou looks at Zhang Xiaojiang,“Can i know,Clues you want,What the hell is it about?”