Yang Shiyun answered with a wry smile。


“I am curious to ask……If they don’t obey,Do you really spank them?”
Qin Liang also asked with a smile,But this time he asked seriously,He really wants to know the answer。
“Actually, I have thought about this problem several times.,I think;It’s okay to take force once at an appropriate time,There must be someone in this family who scares them?Otherwise they can’t get up lawlessly, that’s pretty good?So there must be someone who can suppress them。”
Yang Shiyun frowned and said。
“I agree!I am the first to agree,Hahahaha……”
Shen Ruoxi screamed happily!
“Is what you said is true or false?Xiaoxue is your sister。”
Yang Shiyun asked half-believingly。
“of course it’s true,Because i think the same as you,These little girls are so skinny,We can’t do anything about them,It’s rare that all of them are afraid of you,So this glorious and difficult task,I can only leave it to you。”
Shen Ruoxi stated her thoughts,of course,Everyone knows that most of Yang Shiyun just said so,The probability of doing it is very low。
“Well,Then I volunteered to accept this task,At that time, none of you are allowed to come out to intercede!”
Yang Shiyun said to everyone seriously。
“it is good,We promise no one will intercede then,Just leave them as you please。”
Shen Ruoxi nodded sternly and agreed。
Yang Shiyun turned his face to look at Qin Liang,Obviously waiting for Qin Liang to express。
“I have a hasty……What are you looking at me?I was thinking about something,Didn’t hear anything。”
Qin Liang expressed a vague attitude……
“Xiner,No whistleblower,Did you hear me?Otherwise I will spank you first,And I took off your pants in front of everyone。”